Try It

First, read the Newsela article "Climate change is written all over mummies' faces" Opens a new window.

As you read the article, think about the central idea and key details of the article.   Make sure to notice the title of the article and think about whether or not it reflects the central idea.  All of this thinking will help you to compare and contrast this first text to the second text you will read later in this module.

After you have read the article, complete the activity below.

Now you will read an additional piece of text which will reveal more about the Chinchorro mummies of northern Chile. You will be comparing and contrasting the central idea and key details from both pieces of text. 
As you read, think about the similarities and differences between the texts.  Ask yourself:

  • What is the title of this additional piece of text?  Does the title give you clues to the central idea?
  • What is the central idea of the additional text?
  • How are the central ideas similar?  How do they support each other? 
  • How are the central ideas different?  How do they contradict each other?

After you have read the first six paragraphs of the article entitled "Unraveled: Why Chile's Chinchorro Mummies Are Turning into Black Ooze" Opens a new window, complete the activity below.