Review It

In order to review the skills you have learned, you will reread both pieces of text about the Chinchorro mummies of northern Chile. Once again, you will be comparing and contrasting the central idea and key details from both pieces of text.  You will show your understanding through a written response.

When you compare and contrast what you have learned from multiple sources, you think about what is the same and what is different.

As you read, remember to ask yourself:

  • How do the central ideas in both texts compare?
  • How do the key details in both texts compare?
  • What are some similarities? 
  • What are some differences?

Reread the two articles in order to write about the similarities and differences.

"Climate change is written all over mummies' faces"opens in new window

"Unraveled: Why Chile's Chinchorro Mummies Are Turning into Black Ooze"opens in new window