Conquer It

Review the central ideas from the article, “Making Waves: How Wind Whips Up the Perfect Swell Opens a new window. Refer to the article to identify one or more key details to support the central ideas. Use the central ideas and key details to write a summary in the activity below.

flow chart with overall central idea in one box at the bottom and four boxes labeled central idea with arrows pointing to the overall central idea. The overall central idea reads: Waves are formed by strong winds that create energy and motion. The first central idea reads: A wave is motion moving through a body of water. The second central idea reads: Winds push waves into each other, causing the waves to combine their energy and get larger and faster. The third central idea reads: Tension and friction affects how much energy a wave has as it moves through the water. The fourth central idea reads: Favorable surfing swells are created by a lot of energetic waves.