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When you analyze a text for meaning, citing evidence can help you to gain a deeper understanding of what you read. Authors include evidence to support and convey ideas in a text. You can use evidence to support your ideas about a text, to determine the author’s purpose, to support claims, to determine the meaning of words and phrases, and to answer questions about information in a text.

Evidence can be used to support explicit ideas in a text or to support inferences drawn from a text.

a dead fish washed ashore

Oil spills from drilling deep into the ocean can be harmful to sea life.

Examine this excerpt from the article. Can you cite evidence to explain how land-locked vegetarians are impacted by massive fish kills?

The death of marine life has a direct impact on humans, since many of us rely on the ocean for food and work. Even land-locked vegetarians would feel the economic impact of massive fish kills, as the populations near the Gulf Coast learned in the wake of the BP oil spill. A catastrophic change in fish populations also could make people leave some coastal areas in droves, as they look for other places to earn a living.

Science Net Links, 2010

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