Try It Part 2

Use information from the article and the claim, evidence and reasoning from the previous questions to write an explanation about why the space mission was important to President Kennedy. Be sure to refer back to the article July 20, 1969: One Giant Leap For Mankindopens in new window for additional information that may be used to support the claim and strengthen your explanation. You must paraphrase and/or reword statements from the text as you organize ideas for an explanation written in your own words.

Refer to the Writing Explanation Checklist before and after you write your explanation.

Writing Explanation Checklist

  • Claim is clearly stated in the introduction.
  • Evidence and reasoning are included in the body to support the claim.
  • Transition words are used to connect ideas.
  • Domain-specific vocabulary is used when appropriate.
  • A formal writing style is applied with an objective tone.
  • The conclusion restates the claim.