Try It

First, read the Newsela article "Florida finds favor with sea turtles; more are nesting on state beaches"opens in new window. As you read the text, think about the central idea and key details related to the topic of sea turtles. Make sure to notice the title of the text and think about whether or not it reflects the central idea. All of this thinking will help you to compare and contrast the text to the video later in this module.

After you have read the text, complete the activity below.

Now, view the video Green sea turtles make a comeback in Floridaopens in new window.

As you watch, think about the similarities and differences between the information presented in the video and that presented in the text. Ask yourself:

  • What is the central idea in the video?
  • How is the central idea in the video the same as the text? What key details from the video are the same as or similar to the text?
  • How does the video support what you learned in the text?
  • How does the video differ from the text? Are there any contradictions in the video? Is there information that is evident in the video but not in the text?

After you have watched the video, complete the activity below.