Conquer It

So far, you have analyzed the claim, counterclaim, evidence and reasoning from the ProConopens in new window excerpt and the excerpt from the Newsela articleopens in new window.

Now it is time for you to write your argument. Choose one side of the climate change debate and write an argument supporting the claim. Remember to include the counterclaim and its strengths and limitations to support your ideas. Refer to the Writing an Argument Checklist before and after you write.

Writing an Argument Checklist

  • Claim(s) is clearly stated in the introduction.
  • Evidence and reasoning are included in the body to support the claim.
  • Counterclaim(s) and their strengths and limitations are included in the body to strengthen the argument.
  • Transition words are used to connect ideas. See Common Transition Words for help.
  • A formal writing style is applied with an objective tone.
  • The conclusion follows from and supports the argument presented.