Try It Part 2

Continue reading and determining the meaning of highlighted words and phrases by applying the strategies necessary for comprehending unknown words.

Read paragraphs 3 and 4 of the NASA article “Stellar Evolution - The Birth, Life, and Death of a Star”opens in new window, and complete the follow-up activities.

3 A star collapses when the fuel is used up and the energy flow from the core of the star stops. Nuclear reactions outside the core cause the dying star to expand outward in the "red giant" phase before it begins its inevitable collapse.

4 If the star is about the same mass as the Sun, it will turn into a white dwarf star. If it is somewhat more massive, it may undergo a supernova explosion and leave behind a neutron star. But if the collapsing core of the star is very great -- at least three times the mass of the Sun -- nothing can stop the collapse. The star implodes to form an infinite gravitational warp in space -- a black hole.

NASAopens in new window, September 4, 2003